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  • How Do NHL Hockey Playoffs Work?

    When it comes to getting into hockey, one of the most confusing things for new fans can be how, exactly, the playoffs work. There are so many teams and so many games, it can be difficult to understand who makes it to the playoffs and just what it takes to make it all the way […]

  • Why is Fighting Allowed in Hockey? (Pros & Cons)

    If you go to an NHL game, there’s a chance that you’ll see two players drop their gloves and start fighting. Hockey is one of the only sports in the world that allows fighting as part of the game. Why does the NHL allow fighting in hockey? The NHL allows fighting in hockey because it […]

  • CCM vs Bauer: Which Brand is Better?

    CCM and Bauer are two of the most dependable ice hockey manufacturers, producing everything from skates to sticks, gloves, leggings, helmets, goalie equipment, and more. Since both of these brands are heavily advertised and used by NHL players, consumers can be confident that they will receive high-quality products regardless of which brand they choose. Continue reading […]

  • Bauer Vapor Vs Supreme: Which is Better?

    Bauer hockey skates come in a variety of models and styles ranging from professional to recreational. However, when comparing the Bauer Supreme to the Vapor skate models, it’s all about the fit. The Vapor hockey skate is best suited to narrow feet, while the Bauer Supreme hockey skate is most suited to standard-sized feet. Continue […]

  • What Is Snap Shot In Hockey? (With Pictures)

    There are a number of popular moves in hockey known for their power and/or speed. One of the most effective of these is the snap shot, which is often considered to be the goal-scoring shot in matches and is a favorite among top players. A combination of two other moves, namely the wrist shot and […]

  • What To Do If My Hockey Skates Are Too Big?

    When it comes to getting into hockey, many new skaters find themselves stuck with a pair of skates that just don’t fit right. Some parents may even purposely buy their child a larger pair of skates so that they have room to grow. The problem is that if your hockey skates are too big, they […]

  • How Much Do NHL Refs Make? (Per Game – Per Year!)

    Referees in the NHL earn anything from $1,000 to $4,000 every game they officiate. Referees can work up to three or four games each week, bringing their yearly remuneration to between $115,000 and $350,000. On the other hand, a referee who is chosen to officiate a Stanley Cup playoff game has the possibility to earn […]

  • What Is Slapshot in Hockey? (Take It In 4 Simple Steps)

    Slapshots are named after the slapping sound that’s produced when a player raises the stick backwards up until their waist and then hits the puck. A slapshot in hockey, more specifically in ice hockey, is a power play to get points and intimidate the opponent. It’s not necessarily un-allowed, but it does take out a […]

  • What Is Backhand Shot in Hockey? (Complete Guide)

    Hockey is an immensely popular sport played in different versions in many countries across the globe. Hastening over an ice rink with a sharp bladed stick, each team of six players aims to defeat the other by pushing the puck, across the rink and into the goal, while the goalie of the opposite team works […]

  • What Is Wrist Shots in Hockey? (Master It In 4 Simple Steps)

    Wrist shots are one of the most common shots in ice hockey since they are easy, fast, and also good in terms of accuracy. In comparison to other shots such as the slap shot, a wrist shot is oftentimes more efficient with regards to the fact that it’s more accurate and requires less setup. What […]

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