Where Are The Best Seats For Hockey Games?



When seeking the best seats for hockey games, it’s crucial to take into account your individual preferences and the design of the specific arena. Top seating suggestions frequently feature Club Seating, prominently situated at center ice, and the Lower Bowl section, particularly halfway up at either end of the neutral zone, offering an uninterrupted view of the action. These locations balance an optimal viewing experience with the thrill of the game.

For an immersive experience, consider seats ‘On the Glass’ or in a ‘Luxury Box’. The former places you right in the thick of the action, whereas the latter offers an exclusive, comfortable setting with added amenities. Alternatively, seating at the top of the lower level, especially near the center ice, allows a comprehensive view of the game.

Keep in mind that the best seats may differ based on your personal taste, the particular arena, and the experience you desire. Reviewing the arena’s seating chart and considering aspects like proximity to concessions and restrooms will aid in making the most suitable choice.

Where Are The Best Seats For Hockey Games?

The best seats are always going to be between the two neutral lines. If you are sitting there, then chances are that you aren’t going to be missing a single piece of the action.

Of course, if you want the best view of the game, then sitting as close as you can to the glass (i.e. front row seats) is going to let you see the bulk of the action. You may even be able to catch yourself a fight or two!

We know that not everybody is going to be able to afford the front row seats, and that is completely cool. As long as you are sitting within the neutral zone lines and below the halfway point of the arena, then you will be fine.

Some people actually find that their best seats are much higher up. When you are seated higher up in the arena, you will be able to get a much better overview of how the game is playing out. So, if you are one of the more tactically minded people, then that is where you should be sitting. The front of the crowd is going to be for those that want to get up close and personal with their favorite players.

Where Are The Worst Seats For a Hockey Game?

The worst place to be seated for a hockey game will always be behind the goals. It doesn’t matter where you are seated behind the goals. You will not have a good overview of the game. You will barely see any action up close and personal.

Of course, it doesn’t matter where you sit in the arena, the higher up you are, the less of a good view that you get. Of course, some people do like to be a little bit higher up as they get a tactical overview. However, trust us, a lot of the time you are really going to be struggling to see who is out there on the ice.

Still, as long as you are lucky enough to be sitting in the arena for a good hockey game, can you really complain? It doesn’t matter where you sit. You can still the action…just not as much as some of the other seats can.

Where Are The Cheapest Seats For Hockey Games?

The cheapest seats are always going to be the seats behind the net (particularly the low down seats where the view is obscured), or the higher up seats.

While it is becoming increasingly rare, there are arenas that have seats with obscured views e.g. there may be a pillar in the way. However, thankfully, these are becoming less and less common. If there is a seat with an obscured view, then this should be highlighted in your booking.

The most expensive seats will always be the ones in the areas that we listed.

How Do You Get The Best Seats For Hockey Games?

Honestly, there is a low chance of being able to secure the best seats for a hockey game.

As mentioned, these seats are always going to be the most expensive seats. The problem is that as soon as they go on sale (and they may never hit general sale), they will get snapped up. If you are looking to pick up some hockey tickets for one of the bigger games, then you stand absolutely no chance.

Your best hope of securing the best seat for a hockey game is to either purchase a season ticket for those seats (very expensive), or try and aim to pick yourself up a ticket for one of the games that not many people will be in attendance for.

If you absolutely must buy one of the best seats, then you will probably find them available for a high price through secondhand ticket sources. Just be careful if you do that.


The best seats when you are watching a hockey game will always be between the neutral lines. The closer you are to the glass, the better the view. Those that prefer tactics would probably do well sitting higher up.

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