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I’m Jimmie the founder of Hockey Ringer, I’ve been a passionate hockey fan since I was young. Hockey has become an important part of my life and has inspired me to create my own website (Hockey Ringer) to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for the game.

Hockey Ringer will provide detailed information about the rules, techniques, and strategies of hockey, as well as news updates on the latest events in the hockey world. I want to spread my passion for this great sport and help others learn more about it too.

I’m an active member of the hockey community and have been fortunate enough to meet some amazing people. I look forward to sharing my experiences, tips, and suggestions with others so that they can get the most out of their love for hockey. I also hope to create a place where hockey fans can come together and discuss the game in a friendly and welcoming environment.

You Can always contact Me on

Email: Contact@hockeyringer.com

Mobile Number: +1 (281) 503-8424



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  • How to Lace Hockey Skates (4 Easy Methods)

    How to Lace Hockey Skates (4 Easy Methods)

    Every hockey player needs a good pair of skates. In order to get the best performance and remain comfortable while playing hockey, it’s important that you lace your hockey skates properly. Hockey skates can’t be slipped on like a pair of shoes, they must be laced properly so you can stay steady on the ice.…

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  • Hockey Hot Spots: The Best Seats in the Arena

    Hockey Hot Spots: The Best Seats in the Arena

    Who doesn’t want the absolute best view of a hockey game? Those games can get pretty intense. So, where should you be sitting if you want the best seat in a hockey game? The best seats for a hockey game will always be situated between the two neutral lines i.e. the blue lines on the…

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  • When To Buy NHL Tickets? (The Best Time)

    When To Buy NHL Tickets? (The Best Time)

    NHL games can be pretty expensive to attend. It, therefore, shouldn’t really come as a surprise that many people want to ensure that they get the best possible deal on their NHL tickets. So, when is the best time to buy them? Let’s take a look. The best time to buy NHL tickets is either…

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