When To Buy NHL Tickets? (The Best Time)



NHL games can be pretty expensive to attend. It, therefore, shouldn’t really come as a surprise that many people want to ensure that they get the best possible deal on their NHL tickets. So, when is the best time to buy them? Let’s take a look.

The best time to buy NHL tickets is either just before a game starts, or weeks/months in advance. That is always when you are going to get the best deal. Although, of course, this advice does go out of the window with a big game. Chances are that you are never going to secure a good deal for those.

Let’s go into a little bit more depth on this. Hopefully, the information on this page can increase your chances of getting NHL tickets at a competitive price.

When Should You Buy NHL Tickets For The Best Price?

The best time to buy NHL tickets is in the hours or minutes leading up to an NHL game. However, this is when you are likely going to be taking the greatest risk when it comes to your purchase.

Before a game starts, unsold tickets are likely to be heavily discounted. After all, if they aren’t sold, then the ticket seller is going to take a loss. They would rather get something instead of nothing. Although, you may be taking a risk buying the ticket on the day (they could have sold out), or you may end up getting scammed with a fake ticket.

The second best time to purchase an NHL ticket is as soon as they go on sale. This can be weeks, sometimes months, before the NHL game. While you are not going to be able to get these tickets at a discount (you will be paying face value for them), at least you won’t be taking that much in the way of risk.

In the case of a big game, there may never be a good time to purchase the tickets, sadly.

Where Can You Buy NHL Tickets?

We recommend that you only ever use official outlets to purchase your NHL tickets.

If you head to the website for the NHL team that you support, then they will provide you with the facilities to pick up the ticket.

Before the game, you may find ticket touts hanging around the arena. You may be able to purchase tickets from them. However, do bear in mind that you may be taking a massive risk if you opt to purchase NHL tickets from a non-official channel. There is a good chance that they may be non-official tickets, and this could potentially result in you not gaining access to the arena…but you would have lost your ticket! 

How Do You Save Money When Purchasing NHL Tickets?

Obviously. purchasing the ticket at the right time is going to be your best way to save money with an NHL ticket. However, it won’t be the only way where you can save a bit of cash. We hope the following tips will help you out.

Choose Your Game Carefully

Some NHL games are probably going to have higher ticket costs than other NHL games.

So, if you want cheap tickets, then you will probably want to avoid games where big teams are competing or if two rivals are competing. These tickets will be snatched up incredibly quickly. Because of this, they are likely to command a premium price.

Pick Your Seat Carefully

The closer you are to the center of the ice, the more you will be paying. So, if you want to save cash, you probably shouldn’t be seated right up close to that glass. It is going to cost you a huge amount of cash.

Cheaper seats are going to be at the top of the arena. While the view may not be as good when you are seated up there, you will at least be saving a good chunk of change.

Buy From The Right Place

If there are multiple official outlets to buy your NHL tickets from, then do take the time to go through all of them. There will be various prices and various fees.

While you may not be able to save a huge amount of cash like this, every little dollar helps, right?

The same applies if you are looking to buy tickets in the lead-up to the game. Search for your tickets in multiple places and you are much more likely to score yourself a good deal.


If you want to buy NHL tickets at the best possible price, then either get them as soon as they go on sale or in the hours before the game starts.

Remember, always take care when buying cheap tickets. If something seems a little bit too good to be true, then it probably is. 

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