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  • Why Are Hockey Tickets So Expensive?

    The NHL is a small league compared to other professional sports, which means there are fewer games and opportunities for fans to see their favorite teams play. Additionally, the cost of running an NHL team is high, thanks in part to the high price of player salaries. Finally, most hockey arenas are located in larger […]

  • Why Are NHL Games Blacked Out?

    Why Are NHL Games Blacked Out?

    We have all been there. We have tried to catch a game on national TV or used ESPN+, and we are greeted with a warning saying that the game is subject to a blackout. So, what is an NHL game blackout? Why do they happen? Let us explain.  When NHL games are blacked out, the […]

  • How To Hold a Hockey Stick? (For Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players)

    How To Hold a Hockey Stick? (For Right-Handed & Left-Handed Players)

    Before you even so much as think about playing hockey, you need to learn how to hold a hockey stick. It is one of the most fundamental skills in the game. If you do not know how to handle your stick, you will have absolutely no control over the puck or ball (depending on the […]

  • Best NHL Hockey Fights of All-Time (With Videos)

    Best NHL Hockey Fights of All-Time (With Videos)

    Not too long ago, if you went to an NHL game, you would be virtually guaranteed a good fight. Nowadays? They are as rare as hen’s teeth. Thankfully, cameras were there recording the punch-ups of years past. This means that while you won’t see many fights in current NHL games, you still have years of […]

  • What is a Power Play in Hockey? (Ways Power Play Can & Can’t Go)

    What is a Power Play in Hockey? (Ways Power Play Can & Can’t Go)

    For a team primarily focused on offense, the power play is the holy grail on ice. Much time and elaborate tactical ingenuity go into planning for the distinct advantage of the power play, as it is inevitable that it will be an opportunity in every matchup.  The power play in hockey is when a penalty […]

  • How Many Stanley Cups are There? (Facts!)

    If you’re not familiar with the game of hockey, you would probably assume that there is only one Stanley Cup. In a way, that’s true, as there is only one Cup that the players celebrate ultimate victory in the Stanley Cup finals.  The fact is, there are 3 Stanley Cups, even though it’s called “The […]

  • How Many Stanley Cups did Gretzky Win?

    Wayne Gretzky is regarded as the best hockey player ever for good reason. His NHL career began when he joined the Edmonton Oilers in 1979. He picked up the Hart Trophy for the NHL’s Most Valuable Player in his first season. The titles didn’t stop there, though.  Wayne Gretzky won four Stanley Cups during his […]

  • How Do You Qualify to Get Your Name on the Stanley Cup?

    There are few sports trophies as legendary as Lord Stanley’s Cup. This article will tell aspiring hockey players how they might have their names inscribed on this historic piece of sport’s memorabilia. The Stanley Cup is one of the only major trophies that engraves club participants noting important members and the year they won the […]

  • What is Crease in Hockey? (With Picture)

    Ice hockey is a winter sport played using ice skates on a skating rink with specific markings. During the match, two teams compete on the ice rink with the help of a hockey stick and a puck or rubber disk. A goalie is positioned at the goal line or crease to prevent the puck from […]

  • Hockey Levels by Age: (Explained With Tables)

    Youth hockey has quite a bit of levels that are classified based on the age groups of the players and their respective skill levels. It can be confusing at first to get the hang of the names. For example, it’s hard to know what age group is Midget and what is Squirt. Youth hockey levels […]

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